//Stories you need to read this week

Stories you need to read this week

The top headlines for the week ending August 22, 2020

By Nyam Daniel

Tropical Storm Laura causes havoc in Haiti, Dominican Republic

Thirteen people were confirmed dead, including two children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic after Tropical Storm Laura swept over Hispaniola Sunday. A 10-year-old girl was killed near the Haiti-Dominican border after a tree fell on her house. A local pediatrician is dead after her car was washed away by floodwaters. Her 10-month-old baby was among two reported missing Haitians Sunday. Read more.

Hurricane season could be the worst ever for the U.S., Caribbean

Tropical Storm Laura is one of two hurricanes heading towards the Caribbean and the U.S this past week. Meteorologists said the storm is also a threat to the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and possibly southern Florida in the coming days. Other forecasters have predicted that the storm will head north to the U.S. Gulf Coast and warn states in the region to brace for Hurricane Marco.
Meteorologists said this could be the worst hurricane season in history with 19 to 25 named storms brewing on the horizon. The average is a dozen, according to the United States National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Read more

California fires could flare-up

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service issued red-flag warnings in parts of California Sunday as mast fires in the state are expected to grow. Forecasters said a thunderstorm system heading to the state could produce lightning and wind over the next few days, which would spread the second and third largest fires in California history. Read more.

Brandy and Monica to face-off, where to watch

In lighter news, singers Monica and Brandy will battle it out next Monday. The music clash will be on Timbaland and Swizz Beats’ media platform, Verzuz TV. Verzuz has become a lockdown phenomenon, especially for ’80s babies. Previous battles included competitions between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott; Fabolous and Jadakiss; Snoop Dogg and DMX; and Beenie Man and Bounty Killah. Watch it here, Monday, Aug. 31.

Megan Thee Stallion names Torey Lanez in shooting

In other entertainment news, rapper Megan Thee Stallion has publicly accused rapper Tory Lanez of shooting her in the feet last month. The female rapper, whose real name is Megan Pete, made an Instagram video going over the details of the incident Thursday. Pete previously hinted at Tory Lanez’s (Daystar Petersen) involvement in the shooting on social media. Still, she kept the information from law enforcement on the night it occurred. Pete alleged told police her injuries were caused by broken glass. California police officials said they are investigating the incident. Read More.

President Donald Trump to officially accept nomination

President Donald Trump will accept the Republican Party’s nomination this week at the 2020 Republican National Convention in North Carolina. The event will be held from Monday through Friday and will feature speeches from Trump’s closest allies and family members. Former Vice President Joe Biden accepted his party’s nomination last week in Wisconsin during the Democratic National Convention, where Sen. Kamala Harris also accepted her vice-presidential nomination. Read more.

Lookout it’s a bird, a plane, nope, its an asteroid

There might be a surprise in store for Americans the day before the general election. Scientists said that an asteroid could come close to Earth on Nov. 2. But no need to fret because NASA said the asteroid has a 0.41% chance of hitting the planet and is too small to pose a threat. Read more.

Nyam Daniel
Nyam Daniel

Nyam Daniel is a journalist, a radio host and the founder of Caribbean America Web.