//Poem: Affirmation

Poem: Affirmation

Often times people think that they can define us. Sometimes because of our own insecurities, we do not know who we are or who God created us to be. This poem was created to specify and affirm who God created us to be.

I am,
I am a child of God,
I am obedient,
I am honest,
I am committed,
I am devoted,
I am dedicated,
I am disciplined,
I am all that God says I am,
I am a lover,
I am a deliverer,
I am a preacher,
I am a teacher,
I am a servant,
I am increased in Spirit,
I am increased in abundance,
I hear God,
My ears are sanctified,
My Spiritual ears are sensitive to the Holy Spirit,
I am a Spirit.
I worship God in Spirit and in truth,
I have joy, peace, kindness, faithfulness, self control, love, patience, goodness, gentleness.
I am determined.

Karen Ansine
Karen Ansine

Karen Ansine is originally from Hanover, Jamaica. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She has successfully completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification. She is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the master’s
divinity program. Karen has over ten years of accounting experience in corporate and nonprofit institutions.