//Living with COVID-19

Living with COVID-19

As loved ones, friends and strangers die each day, this time is reminiscent of the horror movies of World War II and the Vietnam War.

A friendship develops between soldiers, they fight together, eat, drink and celebrate small wins together, but the reality was they were still at war. One by one at various points of each skirmish, mental, social and emotional adjustments had to be made.

A soldier’s comrades were killed or permanently injured. Their bodies or what’s left of them had to be removed from the battalion. They no longer have value as a solider. Yet, just yesterday, they were partners in battle. Think about the emotional drain of losing a friend you fought with side by side, eat with plate by plate, and drank with cup by cup; then suddenly, they are gone, but the war continues.

COVID-19 is a war that broke out in early 2020. A war the entire world is battling against and losing.

Each day requires new adjustments as we cannot travel to see our families and friends or, worse, they are gone and no longer a part of this life’s journey. We are forced to think about our mortality, existence, strength, weaknesses and resistance. Will we make it out of this war?

For our youth, based on what we know, they may be able to withstand much of the onslaught of this war, so they can take a COVID-19 bullet or two and recover to see the next day. But for others with pre-existing conditions: diabetics, hypertensives, heart deficients, etc.; they are now in prison camps at home, wondering when will this war end. Wondering when their lives will go back to “normal.”

Tai’s Captures

In the COVID-19 era, the greatest threats are those closest to us: a child, mother, father, grandparent, employee, boss, housekeeper, driver, anyone. As long as COVID-19 exists, even in one person, the war is still full steam ahead for them. It takes only a few seconds for a bullet, the unknown carrier, to breathe on you and your organs and systems are under attack.

Knowing at least one case exists out there, a person with comorbidities will be “detained” in the house until there is no more trace of COVID-19 around. Getting sick and possible death are the easiest things to do for the vulnerable.

For now, a return to work, school, or normal life is not possible. And all the people with pre-existing conditions must sit at home, look and wait as time and life pass by. They are captivated by fear, drowning by the existence of a war with an invisible enemy. The losses are racking up, the emotions are heavy, and we are all left wondering, what will happen next year? And by the way, where did 2020 go?

Leo Gilling
Leo Gilling

Leo Gilling is a social media personality, business owner, writer and photographer based in Florida. He promotes music, culture and interviews people from all walks of life on the Leo Gilling Show. His popular travel show “Falla Backa Mi” has receives millions of views. Gilling is most passionate about education. He is currently pursuing a master’s in criminal justice.